Beginning BJJ: How to tie the belt

One of the questions most frequently asked by students when beginning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is how do I tie my belt?

Below is a video starring Gracie Academy Torrence instructor Rener Gracie who provides an in depth walkthrough of the 3 standard belt tying variations he employs at his school.

The 3 belt tying variations are shown in order from the loosest knot variation to the tightest. One lesson that can be taken away from the videos is that there is not 1 correct way to tie the belt but that there are different ways you can tie the belt to suit different situations when training BJJ.

The Superlock:

I prefer to use this variation at the beginning of class so that my belt doesn’t come untied during the warmup and drilling portions of the class.

The Standard:

I use this belt tying method mostly when sparring or at times when I’m under pressure for time, this method is the quickest and most convenient to tie up.

Here’s the video, try and practise all 3 variations and see which one(s) you like best!