Training with the Boogeyman

On Saturday, students from the RGA Bucks association had the privelage to learn from 3x ADCC world submission wrestling champion and PRIDE/UFC MMA veteran Dean “The Boogeyman” Lister at the RGA Bucks Headquarters in Aylesbury.

Dean spent a few hours of the afternoon taking students through the concepts and mechanics of his leg lock game which he has become known for since his rise to fame in the grappling world. Dean showed a series of straight ankle lock techniques from the open guard and 50/50 position before covering defensive drills and counters all of which were legal within the IBJJF ruleset.

After showing straight ankle locks, Dean went through the mechanics of setting up and finishing the kneebar before showing a couple of setups he’d used in high profile matches to submit the likes of Saulo Ribeiro and more recently Rodolfo Viera in the 2011 ADCC tournament.

Dean had a great teaching style of breaking things down into simple terms so that participants of all experience levels could perform the techniques with proficiency during the seminar and he gave some great examples of matches where he’d used the techniques he’d taught us to win matches during his illustrious grappling career.

Thankyou Dean Lister for coming to RGA Bucks and sharing your knowledge, I would highly recommend to any readers to attend a Dean Lister seminar if he is ever in your area and we hope to see Dean again at RGA Bucks in the future.


Here’s a short documentary/interview with Dean Lister