BJJ Ladies Summercamp 2013

This week saw Total Grappling representative Hayley Carter take part in the annual (2013) BJJ Ladies Summer camp in Eindhoven, Netherlands which was hosted by female BJJ black belt Yasmin Sewgoblind.

The camp was split over 3 days which each day included sessions on BJJ, nogi grappling and drills/rolling each taught by guest BJJ black belt instructors.

The was attended by 50 girls from all over europe including countries such as the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal and many more.

As well as providing a fantastic training experience for the women, the camp also provides meals, drinks and sleeping accommodation for all participants within the gym.

The BJJ Ladies Summer camp is a totally unique experience which should not be missed by any female BJJ practitioners as it is one of the only oganised events in the world which is well attended by women in BJJ.

Here is a compilation video from the 2013 BJJ Ladies Summer Camp:

You can find out when the next BJJ Ladies Summer Camp will be by “Liking” the Facebook Page.