Kids Jiu Jitsu

The Kids classes at Total Grappling offer a fun, safe and encouraging environment for your child to grow as an individual and a martial artist. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a truly effective self-defense system that employs leverage and technique to defeat larger, stronger opponents. There is no striking (punching and kicking) involved in BJJ so students are able to get real experience and train with a resisting opponent safely and without injury. Classes involve games, learning techniques and sparring. 

The goals of our kids classes are to:

  • Have Fun
  • Learn Self-Defence
  • Improve Movement, Coordination, Balance and Agility
  • Develop Respect for instructors and Peers
  • Develop Patience, Concentration and Fitness
  • Learn Self-Discipline¬†
  • Gain Confidence

Classes are available to kids between 8-13 years old.