Adults Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

BJJ Fundamentals

These classes focus on the core techniques and strategies that every jiu jitsu practitioner should know including takedowns, pins, escapes, transitions, submissions and self-defence. Students will be able to improve their overall jiu jitsu knowledge, movement, coordination, develop strategies through practicing technical drills, movement patterns and sparring. Students also receive an introduction to more advanced jiu jitsu techniques. Students are highly encouraged to ask questions in order to improve their individual understanding of the techniques and positions.

BJJ Advanced

The Advanced classes focus on drills to develop more specific techniques, combinations and strategies used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition. Although Advanced by name, students of any skill level may attend these sessions and will help accelerate your understanding and application of Jiu JItsu.

Competition Class

Focused primarily on sparring, our Competition Class is designed to prepare students for competition. Students will get an overview of tournament scenarios and how to handle certain situations that will arise on the competition mat. These classes are held at RGA Bucks HQ in Aylesbury

Open Mat

Open mat sessions are extra sessions usually hosted on bank holidays which can be used for free training. These provide an opportunity to practice techniques and/or get some extra rounds of sparring. All levels are welcome to open mat sessions however there is no instruction during. It's recommend to plan in advance with a partner what to work on in order to maximize your training productivity in these sessions.